An innovative online marketplace, connecting rural artisans directly with customers worldwide. Our platform enables artisans to showcase and sell their products easily. We also organize events like craft fairs to bring artisans and buyers together, building a supportive community.

Heal & Thrive

An online platform for young individuals (aged 15–35) to find mental health support. It provides information, connects users with counselors anonymously, promoting open discussions without stigma.


An online platform which provides tailored nutritional guidance for our target audience, offering dos and don'ts along with personalized meal plans accessible through our website. Our goal is to promote healthier dietary practices holistically.


An innovative online platform providing notes, exam past papers, and on-call teachers for student queries. We offer quizzes and competitions to motivate and assess students, grouping them by skill level. Additionally, we provide online counseling for study options and life issues, fostering a supportive educational community.


Bonga is a digital platform that simplifies communication between deaf people and normal ones by converting texts to speech and speech to text so that normal teachers could teach students with hearing disabilities without the use of sign language, thus solving the problem.

Laycious Architect and Design

Laycious Architect and Design is a digital platform for managing construction projects, offering classic house plans, detailed cost estimates, construction oversight, and professional interior design. We ensure high-quality designs, transparent financial planning, and projects that stay on schedule and within budget, meeting client expectations efficiently.

ShuuDigital Solutions

ShuuDigital boosts small business visibility with tailored web development, SEO, social media integration, and content management. We offer cost-effective, strategic branding solutions to foster sustainable growth and success.

Skin Care Pal

An online platform designed to connect individuals with skin care problems to professional dermatologists through convenient online consultations and treatments. In addition, when a dermatologist prescribes a specific medicine or cosmetic, users can purchase original and certified skin care products directly from the Skin Care Pal store.

Sparkles Vending Machine

A sanitary pad vending machine for girls in rural Uganda, reducing absenteeism and early marriages. She plans to install these in Rubirizi schools to improve access and keep girls in school. Mitina has inspired over 50 girls to explore STEM, showing how innovation can solve real-life problems.

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